Appu & Tiger

A short episodic series following the comical mishaps of magical Appu and his buddy Tiger.

  • My Role
    • Project Manager
    • Technical Supervisor
    • Pipeline Development
    • Asset Manager

    • 3D Layouting, Animatics
    • Prop Modelling, Prop Rigging
    • Shading, Lighting
    • Simulation, Effects
    • Compositing

  • Software

Appu and Tiger is a funny episodic series for kids.
It follows the adventures of Appu - a magical baby elephant who is learning to control his powers - and his buddy, Tiger.

This is my first project made entirely in Blender.
It was a big challenge to learn the software during production, but it was made possible thanks to the wonderful online community of Blender and the support of my colleagues at Girgit.

Every episode would bring a challenge of its own, including simulations, complicated rig setups, motion tracking 2D effects to match 3D animations, and the most unexpected technical difficulties. My previous experience with Python from the Arthur project proved to be a great asset in such demanding times.


  • Developing and maintaining a production pipeline ensuring a smooth workflow with parallel allocation of tasks.
  • Devloping an in-house addon in Blender-Python for automating viewport rendering of the animated shots.
  • Setting up a custom batch render pipeline for Blender.


Vimeo video 283006124

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