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Let the counting begin !

  • My Role
    • Technical Supervisor
    • Asset Manager
    • Pipeline Dev

    • 3D Animation, Rendering
    • Scripting

  • Software

Vistara News Kannada is one of the leading 24x7 News Channels in Karnataka.

When a friend from Vistara approached our team with this project, barely 3 weeks before the election day, we thought it was impossible. After all, animated creating 3D replicas of 9 political candidates is not easy.
So we rolled our sleeves high and got to work !

At the end of the project, we had to render some 60 odd animations of 9 different characters. Batch rendering in such situations isn’t a straightforward task. So, with the help of Chat GPT, I put my Python experience in action and created a few scripts on the go that helped us automate a huge amount of work that would otherwise have to be done manually. Without it, I am sure we would have never been able to deliver the renders, even if we managed to finish all work in time !

Did our effort and ingenuity pay off? Have a look and let me know

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