Arthur and the Minimoys

An action-packed adventure series of Arthur and his little friends in the world of Minimoys.

  • My Role
    • Jr. Lighting Artist
    • Pipeline Development

  • Software

Arthur and the Minimoys is where I began my journey as an industry-level professional artist.
Being a part of the 3D Lighting department, our task was to use in-house pipeline tools to import the respective light groups for individual shots, take a few test renders and submit the shot on approval.

This was my first experience working with customized pipeline tools in a production, and I was fascinated by its potential. Curious to know more, I had a few discussions with a senior developer on the team and started exploring MEL and Python by myself. In the next few months, with the help of a fellow teammate, we upgraded the existing pipeline tools to further optimize the production.


  • Proposed an automated workflow solution.
  • Developed a working prototype and tested it on a small scale.
  • Worked with the developers for integration of prototype into existing pipeline tools, which resulted in 15 - 20% increase in daily shot submission of the entire team.
  • Received an award from the Production Head and honarary mention by Project Manager for its successful implementation.


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