Pahal - An Initiative

Inspiring women from all walks of life
to start their own business ventures.

  • My Role
    • Project Manager
    • Technical Supervisor

    • 3D Modeling, Shading
    • Rigging, Animation,
    • Lighting, Compositing,
    • English Subtitles

  • Software

Pahal is an animated short film produced at Girgit Studios. It is a part of the Her & Now media campaign by GIZ, India in partnership with The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, India. The campaign was aimed to inspire women entrepreneurship in the country.
Girgit Studios was shortlisted from over 100 entries they received from studios from across the country for this project.

Pahal follows the stories of 3 lead characters, each with a colorful backstory animated in a unique style of its own. Such blending of different styles in a single film while maintaining the flow of the story is the kind of a challenge we love taking on at Girgit.
To add more flavor to our difficulties, the 12-minute film was produced from story to final delivery in a short period of 4 months, during the first few months of the pandemic!

As the Project Manager and Technical Supervisor, it was a daunting task to ensure the production schedule stayed on track in the overnight transition to work from home. Yet, we delivered a masterpiece.

You can check it out below :



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