Human Body

A compilation of videos related to human body

  • My Role
    • Team Lead
    • Technical Supervisor
    • Visual Design
    • Pipeline Dev

    • 3D Modeling, Shading
    • Animation, Lighting

  • Software

At Byjus, our team worked on a lot of 3D clips related to the Human Biology.

I collaborated closely with the content development team to understand the requirements for every project. Later, our team would experiment with different visual styles and designs and create a few rough 3D animatics. This stage was necessary to ensure the accuracy of the content was maintained in our creative development process. After discussions from all concerned departments, we would proceed to create the final video.

Here’s a quick glimpse at a few of those :

When I joined the team, I noticed there was a variety of projects being produced in parallel and the deadlines were extremely tight - sometimes less than a week - from concept to final delivery. This made it difficult to fit the production in any fixed structure without hampering the creativity of the artists. This inevitable lack of structure left the production in disarray and the artists had to work longer hours to meet the deadlines.
Using my previous experience with Blender and Python, and with the help of my fellow teammates, I implemented a production pipeline that allowed for better collaboration among each other. This provided a structure that was reliable yet flexible to include all varieties of visual styles and content requirements.


  • Implementing a production pipeline for ease of collaboration across the team.
  • Developing and maintaining the Blender Render Tool, which allowed artists to easily queue and batch render multiple Blender files on the network connected PCs - essentially creating a local render farm.
  • Creating a Production Tracker on Google Sheets for maintaining a detailed log of daily tasks of each artist, with a quick single glance view of the entire data.
  • Research and implementation of latest Blender features and AI tools into production.
  • Received the Rockstar Rookie Award for exceptional performance in the first month of joining.

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